Imagining a Progressive Future for Regina

A community engagement series with Ward 6 Councillor Dan LeBlanc (he/him) & Ward 3 Councillor Andrew Stevens (he/him)

About the project

Imagining a Progressive Future for Regina is a community engagement series with Ward 6 Councillor Dan LeBlanc (he/him) & Ward 3 Councillor Andrew Stevens (he/him).

This series aims to mobilize and challenge progressives in the Queen City to creatively explore major issues impacting our communities with a truly radical lens.

Organized by Jacq Brasseur (they/them) & Julian Wotherspoon (she/her) and led by Dan & Andrew, we’re excited to be calling on all progressives in our City to explore three issues that are important to all of us: Housing, Harm Reduction, and 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

We've Banned Conversion therapy, now what?

Saturday, March 5th 2022 • 2pm – 4pm • Online via Zoom

In August 2021, Regina City Council banned conversion therapy as a business practice in our city. This is the only concrete action our municipal government has taken to meaningfully care for and protect 2SLGBTQ+ people over the past decade, but it’s not enough. Brainstorm with experts on 2SLGBTQ+ mental health, recreation and community about what our municipal leaders can do to truly protect 2SLGBTQ+ people.

Local advocates: Dr. Claire Carter, Suzy Yim (MSW, RSW), Dr. Fritz Pino, Aspen Huggins

A Truly Harm Reductive Regina

Saturday, January 15th 2022 • 2:00pm – 4:00pm • Online via Zoom

Join four community experts who focus on bringing harm reduction to the streets of Regina as we learn about what it takes to support our community. From defunding police, to decriminalizing drug use, to decriminalizing sex work, let’s dream beyond safe injection and build a truly harm reductive Regina.

Local advocates: Michael Parker (Newo Yotina Friendship Centre), Mel Burdon, Alejandra Cabrera (Community Support Program), Sarah Kozusko

What To Do About Slum Housing

Sunday, November 28th 2021 • 2:00pm – 4:00pm • YWCA Regina

Hear from Regina-based housing advocates about what it will take locally to rid our city of slum housing and the people who profit from it. Following their thoughts, participate in one of multiple community conversations that will shape potential next steps and initiatives to create the affordable, safe, and dignified housing market our city deserves.

Local advocates: Kale MacLellan, Peter Gilmer, Tiro Mthembu

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