Our Client Process

Want to know what to expect?

While each process might differ a little bit depending on the non-profit, we know that working with a consultant can sometimes feel like you’re getting the run-around.

Here’s what you can expect.

Let’s get to know each other


First things first, we’ll want to get to know your non-profit. We’ll ask you to send your existing governing documents and policies.


In an initial meeting, we’ll dive into exactly what your project is. We’ll ask some questions, share a little bit about how we work, and figure out next steps.


If we decide (together!) that it makes sense to move forward, we’ll draft a proposal outlining how we’ll approach your project, and how much it’ll cost.


If your board or leadership decides they like our approach, we’ll negotiate a contract with your non-profit that outlines timelines and deliverables.

Let’s go steady

first meeting

After we sign a contract, we’ll set up an initial meeting to confirm timelines, make connections, and build a plan together.

Down to business

Now, you get to relax. This is our time to shine. Aside from a few emails or texts you’ll have to answer, we’ll take care of most of the project. 


Once we’re done the bulk of the work, we’ll set up a time for us to present the project or key deliverables to your team. You’ll give us feedback.


We’ll take your feedback and rework the final deliverable (if needed), and then submit it to you. If you’re happy, this is where we part. If you’re not, we try again.

Our Two Kinds of Clients

Casual Client

  • No contract
  • Offering support/advice on a topic
  • General expertise
  • Hourly rate

You can also email us at info@ivydeanconsulting.ca to inquire about this!

Contract Client

  • Contract signed
  • Collaborating on a project
  • Clear deliverables
  • Flat fee

You can also email us at info@ivydeanconsulting.ca to inquire about this!

What Our Clients Say…

Ivy + Dean Consulting has been a go-to source of support and guidance for the management staff of the Artesian. Whether they are consulting on non-profit governance, refining our business practices, or actively pursuing social justice on an organization level, we trust Ivy + Dean to provide tailor-made, socially-conscious advice specific to our organization. With such a small management team at our organization it is crucial to have supports that are approachable, reliable, and thoughtful and Ivy + Dean has proven time and time again that they are all those things and more. I would recommend their work to anyone in the non-profit sector wanting to pursue meaningful change for their organization to meet the needs of their community.

The Artesian

Regina, SK

Working with Jacq has been nothing short of a wonderful experience! Jacq has been beyond gracious and helpful in assisting us with getting our non-profit up and running. They have an incredible wealth of knowledge on how to start non-profits, by-laws, writing and applying for grants, and so on. They have been instrumental in our process and very generous with their time. We would highly recommend them to anyone who may benefit from their expertise and services. Most of all, they have been a joy to work with and incredibly kind, patient, and collaborative.

Healing in Colour

Vancouver, BC

We worked with Jacq to facilitate a grant writing workshop for youth to promote a youth-led model in project planning and development and to demystify the process of grant writing. Jacq’s workshop made an intimidating topic accessible, fun, and straightforward. We were so impressed by their passion for youth engagement and look forward to working with them again in the future.


Saskatchewan Prevention Institute