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Whether it’s events we’re leading for our clients, training we’re wanting to share with you, or exciting opportunities for non-profits to build their capacity, here’s where you can find different events and trainings that we’re working on.


Redefining the Non-Profit Sector: Youth Engagement Panel (JUNE 22ND 2022)

Wednesday, June 22nd 2022
7pm CST (SK Time)
via Zoom

Hosted in partnership between the Non-Profit Youth Leadership Network & Ivy + Dean Consulting

Youth engagement continues to be a hot topic in the non-profit sector, but how can we ensure we engage youth effectively? We’re asking the experts with a panel of three youth leaders discussing their experiences within the sector as well as tips for organizations looking to be purposeful in their youth strategies.

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Dreaming of a Queered Workplace (APR 7TH 2022)

Thursday, April 7th 2022
via Zoom

Hosted by University of Regina Queer Initiative

Presented by Jacq Brasseur (Ivy + Dean Consulting)

Workplaces have pretty consistently been unsafe places for queer and trans people, and while EDI professionals have been slowly working to introduce 2SLGBTQ+ equity and inclusion practices into the corporate world, there remains so many opportunities for us to “queer” the workplace and how we manage the people within them. Jacq Brasseur has a decade-long history in leading queer and trans teams, and has spent even longer dreaming of what a truly queer workplace looks like and feels like for the people who work in it.

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Keeping Our Non-Profits Safe: Legality of Maintaining COVID19 Restrictions for Saskatchewan Non-Profits (FEB 24TH 2022)

Thursday, February 24th 2022
1pm – 2:30pm
via Zoom

Hosted by Ivy + Dean & Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan

Facilitated by Paige Moreside (Bainbridge Jodouin Cheecham) & Andrea C. Johnson (Gerrand Rath Johnson LLP)

In partnership with Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan, this webinar is open to all non-profits in Saskatchewan who are seeking some guidance about if they’ll be able to maintain COVID19 restrictions after the Saskatchewan Government recently withdrew all public health restrictions.

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