Non-Profit Book Club

Ivy+ Dean is hosting a NEW book club to read and discuss non-profit topics together in a weekly virtual session!

JuLY Book

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex –  Incite!

A bit about the book

“The Revolution Will Not be Funded gathers essays by radical activists, educators, and non-profit staff from around the globe who critically rethink the long-term consequences of what they call the “non-profit industrial complex”. Drawing on their own experiences, the contributors track the history of non-profits and provide strategies to transform and work outside them”


$125 Virtual Book Club (including book)
$100 Virtual Book Club (bring your own book)
$30 Low-Income Virtual Book Club (including book)
$0 Sponsored Registration (subject to availability)


Every Thursday from 12-1PM, July 7th – July 28th


Week 1 (July 7th): Pages 1 – 62

The Political Logic of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex
In the Shadow of the Shadow State
From Black Awakening in Capitalist America

Week 2 (July 14th): Pages 63 – 112

Democratizing American Philanthropy
The Filth on Philanthropy
Reflections on Organizing and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex
Native Organizing Before the Non-Profit Industrial Complex
Fundraising is Not a Dirty Word

Week 3 (July 21st): Pages 113 – 184

“We were never meant to survive”
Social Service or Social Change?
Pursuing a Radical Antiviolence Agenda Inside/Outside a Non-Profit Structure
The NGOization of the Palestine Liberation Movement

Week 4 (July 28th): Pages 185 – 234

Radical Social Change: Searching for a New Foundation
Are the Cops in our Heads and Hearts?
Non-Profits and the Autonomous Grassroots
On Our Own Terms