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Founded by Jacq Brasseur, Ivy + Dean Consulting is a company on a mission to bring social justice and equity into the non-profit boardroom.

i+d is all about giving small and medium sized non-profits the tools they need to be successful, social justice-focused and supportive of their community, all while saving money from avoiding big corporate consultants who excel in the for-profit sector.

Our Values

Our values are inspired by the two women that i+d is named after.

We work hard. We know that the non-profit leaders who hire us to help their projects be successful are having late-night work sessions and are often putting in 10 hour days. We’re right alongside you.

We are political. All of a non-profit organization’s work is political. Whether it’s challenging inequality, fighting those in power who cause poverty, or giving space to those without a voice, we aren’t scared to be just as political as you are.

We believe in teaching. Non-profits don’t have endless pockets. While we love repeat clients, we don’t love repeat projects. If you hire us to work on a project with you, we’ll invite you to learn exactly how we’re getting to the end result so that your team has the skills to do it yourselves next time.

Our Mission

To bring social justice and equity into the non-profit boardroom.

Our Vision

Every non-profit having the tools they need to efficiently and equitably support their community.


Ivy + Dean Consulting was founded in July 2021 by Jacq Brasseur, a non-profit leader and organizer with over a decade of experience working in equity-focused small non-profits.

Jacq founded i+d to solve the various day-to-day problems that small and medium-sized non-profits have, without breaking the budget and without compromising values of equity and community.


Jacq has always been inspired by hardworking women.

Ivy, Jacq’s grandmother, was an incredible woman who lived almost her entire life in rural Saskatchewan. Ivy was unabashedly progressive and actively supported the fight for affordable healthcare and workers’ rights in her community. She worked as a retail worker, while supporting and raising her family.

Jacq’s mother, whose last name is Dean, is also an incredible woman. Devoting her professional life to building inclusive and accessible education in the Northwest Territories, she is well-known in the North as somebody who works hard, values progressive education, and fights for the right for all children to participate fully in school.

I just couldn’t understand why it was so difficult to find a consultant who was competent, affordable, and who understood the importance of equity in every aspect of my work as an Executive Director. Most consultants that I could afford either lacked an ability to apply an equity-lens to the work we were doing, or I ended up re-doing most of the work myself because it wasn’t up to my standards.

Jacq Brasseur

CEO, Founder & Principal Consultant


We couldn’t have been more excited to work with Arcas Advertising, a great queer-owned Saskatchewan business in developing our visual identity. Here’s what they had to say:

From an Arcas Advertising perspective, being able to do the branding for Ivy + Dean Consulting, a company that passionately works with people and organizations surrounding issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion (and more), was an honour and a dream job.

We wanted this logo to show the professionalism and competence that clients can expect to work with Ivy + Dean Consulting, in addition to the boldness of their work and the warmth they bring.

The Icon: The square icon is a shape with incredible structural integrity symbolizing stability and, by extension, trust. It also represents the different sides of a table that non-profit boards and leaders sit around to discuss the work they do – that there are many sides to these organizations and often these sides need to be considered and in balance.

The Font: The display font used in the initials, i+d, are modern and minimal with friendly curves. Using a lower case can be perceived as a little more casual and offbeat. Using the initials i+d also keeps things efficient and consistent across languages and platforms. The type treatment shows different font weights working together to achieve unity. 

The Colours: The colours were inspired from the client, who liked shades of purple for its symbolism. Purple has a rich history of being the colour of royalty, which carries with it a sense of elegance and high quality and associating regalness with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community brings joy to Ivy + Dean Consulting. Lavender, in particular, has become a symbol of the 2SLGBTQIA+ resistance — a cause which has informed and inspired a lot of the work that Ivy + Dean’s founder, Jacq Brasseur, has accomplished and continues to work toward. The cool lavender tone was paired with a warm grey with tones of brown. Using greys instead of black is a conscious choice to be more receptive and open versus severe. 

So, if you like it and you know it, clap your hands.

Regina, SK & Yellowknife, NT

With our team splitting their time between Regina & Yellowknife, we focus on underserved communities. You won’t catch us searching for clients in urban, metropolitan parts of the country. We’re proud to have roots in Prairie & Northern Canada.

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