Non-profit world got you down?

We focus on providing support to small and medium sized non-profits, meaning we won’t get bogged down in things the corporate for-profit world loves.

We believe in bringing equity, social justice & anti-oppression into the non-profit boardroom.

Equity focused

We’re not an EDI firm, but it’s fundamentally important to us that equity is a focus of every part of our work with non-profits.

Queer informed

As a 100% queer owned consulting firm, queer communities and ways of being inform all the work we do.



Non-profit work doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. We’re experienced with supporting folks who are brand new to this world.

Custom Support

We work with each and every one of our non-profit clients to get a really good sense of what they need before we send a quote.

Any proposal will include a clear list of deliverables, a timeline, and a breakdown of fees. Best part? There’s no obligation to follow up.

This means you can get a proposal for your board without any expectations from us.

Who We’ve Worked With

Regina, SK & Yellowknife, NT

With our team splitting their time between Regina & Yellowknife, we focus on underserved communities. You won’t catch us searching for clients in urban, metropolitan parts of the country. We’re proud to have roots in Prairie & Northern Canada.

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out to us here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.